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Absolut Vodka comes from the small village of Ahus in southern Sweden. Only winter wheat is used and each bottle has over two pounds of grain in it. Absolut is distilled hundreds of times.
Ketel One  
The Nolet family of Schiedam, Holland, has been distilling for more than 300 years. The formula for Ketel One vodka was inspired by the Nolet family's ten generations of distilling experience. Settling for nothing less than perfection, a member of the family still tastes each batch of vodka before it is released. Prized for its smooth taste, Ketel One starts with the finest wheat and water. As the distillate is heated over a gentle, hand-stoked fire, the temperature and alcohol levels are regulated to ensure the best possible vodka. Not surprisingly, Ketel One has a developed a passionate following among vodka connoisseurs.

Rain Organics Vodka is handmade from scratch in small batches at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Rain is distilled exclusively from 100% organic white corn. It goes through an extensive 20 day production technique that includes cold water sweet mash fermentation. Seven distillations and a polishing stage that adds pure limestone water.

  French Vodka

  Vodka from France
Grey Goose Vodka is crafted from the finest French wheat, with water naturally filtered through champagne limestone, and carefully distilled. Each batch is made to the exacting standards of Francois Thibault (The Grey Goose Cellar Master)  

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